Willow Cuttings, Seasonal, 3 pack, Bulk Deals

Willow Cuttings, Seasonal, 3 pack, Bulk Deals

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We are sold out for 2022. Thank you!  Next cuttings available February 2023.


Sold in bundles of 3 @ 10-12 in cuttings.

1-3 bundles  ……….  $ 7.50 per bundle
4-9 bundles  ……….  $ 6.00 per bundle
10+ bundles  ………. $ 5.50 per bundle


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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Most willows will grow in zone 4 -9. We plant ours at 6″ spacing in rows with rows 2 feet apart, so they don’t need too much space. They won’t spread if you are coppicing yearly, but they do like water and will find your septic/well if too close. You will receive 10-12″ sticks with an angled end to put  in the ground 3/4 below, 1/4 above ground. Super easy!





Calliantha 4-6′ dark red stems
Purple 5-8′ purple to dark brown stems
Jaune de Falaise 5-8′ yellow stems
Green Dicks 5-8′ olive green to red stems
Polish Purple 5-8′ green to reddish stems
Bleu 5-8′ green to purple stems
Dicky Meadows 5-8′ light green & red stems
Fransgeel Rood 5-8′ yellow to orange to red stems
Noire de Villaines 5-8′ dark brown stems
Blackskin 5-9′ black stems
Britzensis 5-9′ orange to red stems
Cardinalis 5-9′ yellow to red stems
Basfordiana 5-9′ yellow to orange stems
Golden 6-8′ yellow stems
Jagiellonka 6-8′ olive green to red stems
Goldstones 6-8′ goldish green stems
Brittany Greens 6-8′ red & green stems
Dark Dick’s 6-8′ dark red stems
Kaat 6-9′ yellow stems
Natural Red 6-9′ yellow to red stems
Farndon 6-9′ orange to red stems
Continental Purple 6-10′ purple to black stems
Blue Streak 6-10′ green to purple stems
Harrison’s 7-10′ green stems
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