Jasmine Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana alata) Seeds

Jasmine Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana alata) Seeds

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Seed packs contain a generous amount of seed for the home gardener. Minimum 50 seeds per pack.


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Description :

Tobacco (Nicotiana spp) is an annual plant that thrives in moist, well-drained soils under full to partial sun.

Type: Annual
Growing Zones: 7 – 10
Sow: Start indoors in pots 4-6 weeks before the last frost or sow directly outside after the danger of frost has passed.
Sow depth: ΒΌ in. Lightly cover
Days to Germinate: 7-14
Special Maintenance:
Days to harvest: 120-160
Sunlight: Full sun, partial sun
Bloom Time: Summer through fall
Bloom Description: Vibrant green stems with purple/pink/white flowers
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Special Properties: Insecticide
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