Solid Sugar Scrub Gumdrops




Solid Sugar Scrub’s

Whole body exfoliation with granulated pure can sugar and raw Shea butter; leaving you silky smooth!
Moisten when in the shower to crumble; gently rub into your skin, rinse off and blot dry leaving you with beautiful soft skin.  The Gumdrops and Sugar Cubes are both single use.

Sugar Scrub Gumdrops

Contains:  Cold Process Soap, Raw Shea Butter, Granulated Sugar, Coconut Oil, Essential/Fragrance Oils, Mica Colorants and Botanicals

Lavender (Purple)
Old English Rose (Pink)
Caramel (Yellow)

Coconut Sugar, Sugar Scrubs (Tan)  With Coconut Sugar, unscented
Dark Dutch Cocoa, yes, made with real chocolate! (dark brown)

Sugar Scrub Cubes

Brown Sugar & Tahitian Vanilla Sugar Scrub Cubes (brown)
Delicate Floral White Sugar Scrub Cubes (white)

Warnings:  For external use only.  Sugar Scrubs do contain essential oils, if redness or a rash occurs please discontinue and seek medical attention.

Nut Allergies: some products do contain nut oils/ground nuts and are stored/made next to products that do contain nut oils/ground nuts.

Shipping Notes:  We advise against shipping if heat is above 90 degrees.  The Sugar Scrubs may melt or become soft.  Place in the refrigerator or cool area to set up again.

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Weight8 oz


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