Chamomile, German (Matricaria recutita) Potted Herb Plant

Chamomile, German (Matricaria recutita) Potted Herb Plant



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German chamomile is easily grown in average, lightly dry, well-drained soil in partial shade or full sun. This plant is characterized by its small, white flowers with yellow centers. Chamomile is used medicinally to treat a variety of ailments, but it is popular for its calming, sedative effects when ingested.

Type: Annual, self-seeding
Family:  Asteraceae
Native Range:  Central/Southern Europe
Growing Zones:  3-9
Mature Height: 8-24 inches 
Mature Width: 4-8 inches 

Sunlight: Full sun
Soil Type: Average
Water: Average
Drought Tolerance:  Moderate
Growth Rate: Fast

Leaf Description: Thin stems, delicate leaves
Bloom Time: Summer, May – early August
Bloom Description: Daisy like white petals with a yellow center

Harvest: Flower, Flowering Tops
Harvest Time:  Summer, June-August

Special Properties: Bees, Butterflies, Pollinators, Deer resistant

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